RENEWABLE ENERGY without limitation of power for all sectors, such as Power Plants, industrial use, hotel, housing, recharging electric vehicles, maritime transport, rail, or as a support vector for wind and photovoltaic as well as isolated installations. Certified technology by Bureau Veritas Video




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Self-consumption offgrid

The Ionic Module® works autonomously. With a maximum unit power  up  100 Kw,  can generate until  2.4 Mwh / day (2400 Kwh) for one unit One module occupies only 2.74 m2.

Dynamic capacity

Adaptable to all electrical generation needs Isolated

Renewable electric generator

It does not store. It generates the necessary energy for its consumption during the 24 hours


Water and dust tight system and Isotermo to be installed indoors or outdoors

Stackable without limitation

On basement floors, garages, warehouses or outside


It's not dangerous. It has no exposed wires. It does not freeze or generate heat

Compact and easy

Fully automated installation facility and biannual maintenance

Compact and easy

MODULO IONICO® is an automated system that installs easily

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Technical specifications

Each module is stackable in two elements depending on the available height. Top module is optional.

Maximum generation DC Open Circuit O.C. 54.6 Volts - Closed Circuit C.C. 49.65 V - 5656 Amps (280 Kwh) with a resistance of 3.4 Ω ohms

AC Voltage and Modulated Output Power Configurable according to inverter equipment.

Capacity per module without replacement of electrodes

According to model: 1.48 Gwh in model M1.48 Gwh and 212 Mwh in model M212 Mwh. Other intermediate models see budgets in section.

Composition of the electrodes: Aluminum

100% efficiency


Electric generator.

10 year warranty

Scalable Unlimited units.

Isothermal operating temperature with internal heater. Range - 40ºC to + 55ºC

Dimensions per Module: width 2200 x depth 1257 x height 1249 mms.

Models: See in budgets

Electrolyte - Water + NaCl or KCl

Water consumption: Substitution of water every 5 years.
Water volume Standard module 2 m3
Water volume Reduced module 1 m3
CE Declaration of Conformity and Certifications in accordance with international regulations and electrical network codes.

Check your energy from anywhere

With the application of the DC-AC inverter you can control your Ionic Module easily anytime and from anywhere.

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